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12 Week Muscle Gain Meal Plan 2023

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12 Week Muscle Gain Transformation Meal Plan(2023) 4-Week Schedule to be repeated/circulated over 12 weeks. •Consume 6-8 Glasses of water per day, preferably before or after meals. •1-2 Protein shakes per day in-between meals (min 25g) per serving, with 5g Creatine Monohydrate. •Only 2 cups of coffee per day, with stevia drops or stevia tablets, low fat milk/almond milk or black. •Avoid alcohol consumption in the week, and avoid drinking to excess on weekends. Stick to clean spirits and avoid sugary sodas or high acidic ciders.

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Transformation Challenge - BODYBUILDER
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F/A Transformation Bodybuilders

F/A Transformation Bodybuilders

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